Logo Design

MRS Design offer a wide range of logo design services, but unlike most logo design companies, we do not have a set range of packages. Instead just let us know what your requirements are and we'll be happy to provide a competetive quote.

The kinds of logo design task we provide include...

  • Custom logo designs with initial design created from scratch by our designers, specifically for your project.
  • Bepoke logo designs based upon a client's idea or sketch.
  • Reartworking of a client's existing logo either to allow it to be used for professional printing or signage, or just to provide a cleaner version from an existing web logo.
  • Amendment of an existing logo, for instance, change of company name, change of font, change of colour scheme.
  • Format conversions. i.e. if you already have a logo, but have been requested it by a 3rd party in a specific format(s) which you do not have. We can take your existing design and convert the format to the required one(s).

What does a logo design project consist of?

Although each and every logo design project is different both in terms of scale and requirements, the same general steps are taken in most projects...

  • Information gathering and quote
    • Find out what our client requires, in terms of whether it is a new or logo amendment.
    • For new logo designs, what kind of logo they would like, how many different initial designs the client would like and whether the client has any specific requirements in terms of the final logo (size, aspect ratio, colours, font etc).
    • Once we have this info, we will provide a fixed quote based upon the timescale required for the project.
    • If the quote is accepted, we will proceed to the next stage.
  • Initial designs
    • Based upon the quote, our designers will create a set number of unique initial designs. Based upon the project requirements, these designs could come in a number of different sets...
    • For a very open logo project, a set number (we would recommend between 4 and 6 different designs).
    • For a logo design or amendment based upon a fairly tight specification, we would again provide a set number of initial designs, but these would usually include just 1 or 2 unique logo designs, each provided in 2 or 3 font and colour options.
    • For projects with a very tight specification or logo amendment, we sometimes provide only 1 or 2 initial designs.
    • Once completed the initial designs will be sent to the client by email.
  • Design revisions
    • When the client has seen the initial designs, they can let us know which initial logo design version they prefer, and what amendments they would like to it.
    • Amendments can include; font, colour, symbol, size, position, etc.
    • The revisions again will be sent to the client by email, and as required, multiple revision cycles can be undertaken until the client is 100% happy with the logo version they would like.
  • Logo finalisation
    • Once a client is happy with a specific design version, we will finalise the logo artwork in 11 different file formats which will be suitable for all possible uses, both in-house and professionally.
    • In most cases the final artwork will be sent through by email.
    • In all cases we retain backup copies of all logos we create, so if for any reason a logo artwork is lost or requires amendment we always have the base artwork available on request.

How much does a logo design cost?

As with any bespoke service, it can be as long as a peice of string, but in terms of costs, our logo design services range from £20 upwards dependent on the time required for the individual project.

How is payment scheduled?

Dependent on the scale of the project, we require payment in the following 2 ways...

  • For full bespoke logo design projects, we request 50% of the project cost prior to commencing the initial designs, with the final 50% payable once the client is 100% happy with the final design, just prior to finalising the logo artwork.
  • For smaller logo design or logo amendment projects, we require that the full payment is made prior to commencing design work.
  • Payment can be made using the following methods...
    • Securely online via Paypal or Google Checkout (both these methods allow payment using most credit or debit cards)
    • Payment by cheque

How long does a logo design project take?

In most cases a fully bespoke new logo design project will take between 1 and 2 weeks, end to end. For smaller projects such as logo design amendments, overall timescales usually vary between 2 and 4 days.

Want to find out more or get a quote...

If you would like to find our more about our logo design services, ask any questions or just discuss your requirements, give us a call on 07543 720 417 or email us at info@mrsdesign.co.uk